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Our heavy-duty escalator for every peak traffic environment

The victoria is specifically designed for transport applications with exceptionally heavy-duty load conditions. Particularly at peak traffic times in metro or rail stations, this escalator comes into its own. Ideally equipped because of its robust design and precisely manufactured components.

Tailored to your needs

Highly customizable transport capabilities ensure victoria fulfills all your requirements.

Trust in your operations

victoria offers meaningful safety and maintainability features for any peak traffic environment.

Protects your investment

victoria’s robust components are precisely manufactured and engineered to last.

Sustainability pays off – with energy-efficient escalator solutions.

These escalators put energy efficiency into operational practice to lower your building’s carbon footprint, improve your environmental image, and boost your bottom line.

Energy-efficient lighting

State-of-the-art LED technology lasts longer than conventional lighting and is up to 80% more energy-efficient than halogen lighting.

Energy-saving operations

Depending on your load cases, operational modes such as standby or sleep mode and the regenerative drive option can help make your escalator more energy efficient.

Lower environmental impact

By continuously improving our escalator solutions, we minimize their environmental impact in product lifecycle assessments.

Since safety is a top priority in your building, we put safety first in designing the victoria.

Around 50 standard or optional safety features mitigate the risk of incidents and injuries. Our portfolio includes an extensive range of motion safety devices and other important features to secure building interfaces. All this plays a key role in ensuring passenger safety – day in, day out.

Motion safety.

A victoria escalator is designed with user behavior in mind. That is why our optional safety features go beyond the requirements of local codes. The auxiliary brake on the main shaft, for example, stops the step band in the unlikely event of a disconnection between the motor and drive chain to prevent any uncontrolled downward movement of the steps and reduce the risk of falls.

Proactive safety.

Fall protection is one of our proactive safety features. Safety curtains, which can be installed parallel to the balustrades and are even higher than them, further reduce the risk of passengers climbing over the side of an escalator.

Component safety.

We strive to enhance user safety and product reliability by building durable components that meet first-class manufacturing requirements. Our proprietary step design, for example, offers utmost reliability combined with minimal breakage risk.

Building interfaces.

To enhance the safety of the interfaces between an escalator and a building, we offer diverse solutions, e.g. deflectors for ceilings or crisscross arrangements.

"Decades of experience in elevator and escalator technology means that you can rely on our expertise and efficient service that is carried out by around 25,000 service technicians worldwide."

Learn more about the comprehensive maintenance and support services we provide.

Tailored to your needs

To meet your specific needs this heavy-duty escalator is highly customizable, conveying people to heights of up to 75 m, perfectly fitting your building requirements, and combining aesthetical requests and technical demands.

Operations you can trust

Robust features such as a purposefully designed truss and auto restart function help to deliver industry-leading reliability. So you can fully trust this escalator to operate reliably in peak traffic environments.

Truss design – operating benefits.

With a standard deflection of up to 1/1500, the victoria truss is designed to withstand any operational load. Moreover, open profiles prevent hidden corrosion while the overall design permits easy cleaning as well as reducing the fire risk by preventing oil and dust accumulation.

High ride comfort – less wear and tear.

The high ride comfort offered by victoria escalators and measured in line with ISO 18738-2 is not just appreciated by passengers. You will also profit from less wear and tear thanks to components manufactured to the highest standards.

Automatic restart – empty step band.

The automatic restart function after every non-operational stop is designed to ensure the step board is empty before restarting.

MTBF 4,000 hours – outstanding reliability.

victoria escalators deliver an outstandingly reliable MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of around 4,000 hours, as calculated by the RAMS analysis method (Reliability – Availability – Maintainability – Safety). The main codes TK Elevator follows in this are EN 50126:1999 and DIN EN 60812:2006.

Protects your investment

Heavy-duty components, such as the outside chain roller, unloading curve, tensioning station and forced parallel run, are precisely manufactured to withstand years of peak traffic wear and tear. That will protect your investment in the long term.

Step chain – tough on the outside.

The outside chain roller design allows the use of step bolts to guide the step chain. This reduces wear and tear on the rollers.

Unloading curve – increased lifespan.

The unloading curve reduces the load in the chain rollers and prevents a bending moment on the step bolt. This increases the lifespan of the step chain.

Forced parallel run – no unequal elongation.

The forced parallel run device prevents unequal elongation of the step chains that may be caused by passenger behavior, e.g. people standing on only one side of the escalator.

Tensioning station – minimal wear and tear.

The tensioning station is equipped with a return shaft and chain wheel with mounted elastic dumpers. This minimizes wear and tear on the turned step chain.

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