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Complete replacement of escalators and moving walks

Our escalators and moving walks are smart, efficient, reliable, powerful, and are widely used in applications such as public transportation, shopping malls and convention centers etc. In complete replacement projects, we leverage advanced German engineering technology to enhance your equipment in terms of safety, performance, appearance, ride comfort, energy efficiency, and more. This ensures that your equipment is better equipped to meet both your current and future operational requirements.

“Truss-retaining” modernization of escalator and moving walks


I.MOD: modernization made easy.

High maintenance and repair costs, frequent downtime, lagging compliance with modern safety standards and high energy consumption: old escalators and moving walks present many challenges. You might have thought about replacing your equipment, but space is tight and you don’t want your business to be disrupted.I.MOD offers an attractive alternative to full escalator and moving walk replacements while increasing the value of your building, improves tenant satisfaction and delivers a smoother ride for passengers.

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Complete escalator replacement


velino: The commercial escalator series that caters to your needs.

Our velino series – the velino 100, 200 and 300 – is our most advanced range of escalators designed to fit the whole bandwidth of commercial applications. The velino series covers all commercial needs from standard or design-oriented applications to tailored projects.

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tugela: The innovative escalator for high-traffic areas

tugela is tough. In metro and airport areas alike, tugela performs around the clock, safely and reliably transporting high passenger volumes.

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victoria: The powerhouse escalator for high heights

No job is too demanding for our victoria escalator. Travelling heights of up to 75 metres, it handles heavy loads non-stop in any weather.

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Complete moving walk replacement


iwalk: The easy-to-install moving walk

Easy to transport, easy to handle, easy to install – these are a few of the reasons for the increasing popularity of our modular iwalk system. Its pitless configuration also allows you to place iwalk directly on a finished floor, eliminating the need for additional costly civil works.

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orinoco: The versatile moving walk

orinoco is the perfect solution for people using trolleys and shopping carts. It lets them easily cover distances of up to 200 metres. And its unique 1,600-millimeter-wide pallets mean more passengers travel in greater comfort. With configurations ranging from light to rugged, orinoco is always streamlined, ergonomic and technically sophisticated.

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