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Digital modernization

Our digital solutions keep your equipment connected at all times, ensuring a seamless and enhanced experience for travelers. Regardless of your building or equipment type, we have the capability to tailor a solution that enhances the convenience, comfort, safety, and usability of your system.


Previously, elevator group control would be disrupted during modernization, requiring all elevators to be modernized before they could be reintegrated into the group for continued service. Today, the AGILE MODernize interface allows for the integration of various elevator controls from different brands into the same group, reducing disruptions to building operations and passenger experience, and ensuring a seamless modernization process.

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Our cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solution enhances elevator availability by reducing downtime through real-time diagnosis. MAX assists in forecasting which components require repair or replacement preemptively, averting any potential failures. Our maintenance engineers receive real-time alerts and conduct preventive maintenance before components and systems reach the end of their life cycle.

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INSIGHT helps optimize building operations by monitoring and scheduling escalators anytime, anywhere. The web-based solution can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices to monitor elevator and escalator operations at any time.

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