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Partial elevator modernization

TK Elevator's partial elevator modernization solutions are designed to address some of the key pain points for elevators that have been in service for a certain number of years. These solutions ensure that the modernized elevators comply with current safety regulations and enhance performance, reliability, and efficiency, thereby improving the comfort of the ride and the overall value of the building.

Partial modernization of low- and medium-speed elevators

meta MODernize

meta MODernize, keeps your elevator always up-to date

meta MODernize, our partial modernization solutions target mid-rise buildings, rejuvenating existing elevators to make them as safe and reliable as new. Performance improvements and high efficiency components reduce energy costs and combine with system upgrades to increase operational efficiency and ride comfort. Your passengers will feel the difference the moment they step into the elevator.

  • Max speed: 3m/s
  • Max load:1600kg

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Partial modernization of high-speed elevators


zeta200:Experience new heights.

zeta200 is a machine room gearless elevator that is specially built for high-rise commercial and high-end residential buildings. Passengers can enjoy a spacious and comfortable ride with zeta200 unique premium designs and fixtures.

  • Max speed: 7m/s
  • Max load: 2000kg

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