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Clean air

Prevent germ transmission

Keep your elevator running

As the coronavirus is still active in our cities, it is important to ensure that elevators used by million of people every day remain a safe and efficient method of transportation. TK Elevator has a range of options to create a clean and healthy car environment and reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Air purification

  • Our car air purifier not only ensures a pollution free air, it also blocks and filter germs. Equipped with dual filter, and performant technology to filter the car air, remove bacteria and other harmful substances in the air, and make the car air clean.

    The powerful nano-photocatalyst technology and 254nm wavelength ultraviolet lamp can effectively eliminate the 99.9% bacteria in the air of the car.

    The double filter automatically removes dust and other harmful particles, so you can enjoy fresh and clean air.

Face recognition

  • Our intelligent face recognition control panel allows users to operate the elevator without having to touch any button.
  • When in front of the panel, the high-definition camera recognizes the passenger and automatically places a call to the designated floor. It be installed in the lobby or in elevator to prevent outsiders from entering the building.

Voice controlled

  • No need to press a button or rely on paper towels and toothpicks: your elevator simply answers to a voice command!
  • Placed in the lobby or in the elevator car, this control panel is easy to operate and will limit the transmission of any bacteria. The responsive voice recognition system allows you to operate even when wearing a mask.

* Above Information Available for Customers of Chinese Market Only

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