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AGILE Destination Controls

AGILE Destination Controls moves tenants more efficiently to their destination.

Unlike traditional operation, a floor is chosen at the kiosk and the intelligent dispatching software analyzes the request — gauging traffic demand and grouping passengers based on similarity of destination. This leads to less crowding, fewer stops and a more efficient use of available elevator capacity, whilst reducing travel time by 25%.

When adding our enhancer to any of your elevators, you also ensure an increased usage capacity by up to 30%.

AGILE Destination Controls moves passengers quicker to their destination, improving your building's efficiency and tenant's experience.

A passenger uses the AGILE kiosk
Step 1

Passengers use the terminal to select their destination.

The AGILE kiosk indicates which elevator to take.
Step 2

AGILE Destination Controls clearly directs each passenger to an assigned elevator.

The passenger boards the elevator
Step 3

Passengers board the assigned elevator that transports them to their destination.

Enhance your building's security

Ensures controlled access and a smooth passenger journey from entering the building to reaching the destination floor.

AGILE Access is a flexible security solution that controls access to elevators from your turnstiles or alternatively we integrate elevators with your existing building access via our interface.

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