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Complete Elevator Replacement

As the largest elevator market in the world, China has an increasing number of elevator installations.TK Elevator places significant emphasis on the modernization sector in China, introducing tailored modernization solutions for various types of elevators such as residential, commercial, high-speed, and freight elevators. These solutions aim to infuse intelligence and cutting-edge technologies into older buildings, revitalizing and upgrading them effectively.

Residential elevator modernization


meta100, bring extra to every mid-rise

meta100 targets mid-rise buildings in the residential segment. It is a value for money solution that reduces construction cost, is faster to install and truely brings extra to.

  • Speed:2.5m/s (with machine room); 2m/s (without machine room)
  • Load: 1,150 kg

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Commercial elevator modernization


meta200, sense the difference

The performance solution for your commercial or residential mid-rise.

meta200 targets mid-rise buildings in the residential and commercial sectors, where design and performance matter.

  • Speed: 3 m/s
  • Load: 2000kg

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enta300: Taking a unique perspective.

A heavy-duty machineroom-less elevator for low to mid-rise applications which demand high-performance, enta300 is the solution for infrastructure projects and multi-purpose buildings.

  • Speed: 2 m/s
  • Load: 2,000 kg

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High-speed elevator modernization


zeta200:Experience new heights.

zeta200 is a machine room gearless elevator that is specially built for high-rise commercial and high-end residential buildings. Passengers can enjoy a spacious and comfortable ride with zeta200 unique premium designs and fixtures.

  • Speed: 7 m/s
  • Load: 2000 kg

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zeta300:Rise above the rest.

A high-end elevator solution to meet complex needs and realizes your vision.A high-rise, high-speed elevator that meets the complex demands of high-rise buildings, zeta300 can be extensively customized to add value to prestigious structures and realize your unique vision.

  • Speed: 12 m/s
  • Load: 5,000kg

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TWIN elevator modernization


TWIN:2 cabins, 1 shaft, 0 crowd.

Our one-of-a-kind TWIN passenger elevator is the industry’s first system with two independent cars, one on top of the other, in one shaft. It gives you the same conveyance capacity in 25% less space. It also lets you introduce brand-new traffic concepts while setting a new standard in high performance.

  • Speed: 7 m/s
  • Load: 1,800 kg

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Freight elevator modernization






  • 轿厢意外移动保护功能,保障乘客及货物进出轿厢安全。
  • 可靠的防扒门设计,保障乘客在非门区人身安全。
  • 轿厢结构坚固耐用,具有很强的抵抗撞击的能力,不易变形。



  • 多种开门方式,开门宽度大。
  • 载重能力宽泛,可满足大载重和大尺寸的货物运输需求。

  • 最大运行速度: 1m/s
  • 最大载重: 5000kg