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iwalk: The easier way in every way

By revolutionising the way moving walks are designed, manufactured and installed, iwalk establishes a new industry benchmark. Its modular space-saving concept simplifies planning, integration and operation without compromising usability. For passengers traveling with luggage and carts, it offers greater safety and comfort. Fewer components and low energy consumption complete this sustainable product’s ground-breaking engineering.

iwalk. The next-generation moving walk today.

  • 100

    Max length (metres)

  • 0-6

    Inclination (degrees)

  • 1,100 | 1,400

    Pallet width (millimetres)


Perfect for the following applications

Key benefits

Easier planning

iwalk features standardized modules that are easily exchanged or replaced, making last minute changes a simple matter. Now even relocations are possible using just a forklift.

Easier on buildings

Compared to conventional moving walks, iwalk’s reduced outer dimensions and 30% lighter weight put less strain on your building, which means less reinforcement in the architecture.

Easier integration

Choose between two configurations: one with a shallow pit or a pitless version that you can place directly on your finished floor. The benefits are yours, from minimal to no extra public work, making iwalk ideal for any modernization or replacement project.

Easier for users

iwalk’s two different pallet widths – 1,100 millimetre and 1,400 millimetre – enhance passenger comfort while their reduced outer dimensions require less building space.

Easier on the environment

iwalk boasts an eco-friendly design. The reduced total weight and stackable modules minimize transportation volumes and the related emissions. Energy-saving features such as sleep mode operation and LED lighting enhance iwalk’s sustainability. So does the fact that, once this innovative product reaches the end of its service life, most of its parts can be recycled.

Beautifully functional

State-of-the-art design entails more than just aesthetics. It also involves superb functionality. We’ve designed iwalk from the ground up to boost your project’s aesthetics while giving you the functionality you’ve only dreamed of.

Unique front skirt

With its two-way flap system and additional skirt protector, iwalk’s unique handrail inlet stands up to the daily abuse of luggage and carts. It eliminates unsightly brushes or rubbers and provides lasting good looks. Even better yet, a kick-resistant safety contact reduces stops, increasing iwalk’s availability.

Distinctive balustrades

iwalk features two different balustrades: a slim glass version for a lighter, more sophisticated look and a robust decking option for a more solid impression. With several glass colours and LED lighting options, iwalk balustrades leave nothing to be desired.

Aesthetic skirt lighting

Located above the skirt band, LEDs in light-diffusing channels, the full range of RGB colors and different modes of operation create attractive effects throughout your installation.

Spacious and stunning pallets

iwalk comes with a four-inch-wider pallet on its narrow (44") configuration, and reduces by four inches the overall width on its larger (53") configuration. We provide black or silver pallets with the option of yellow demarcation lines.

Eye-catching combs and covers

A variety of patterns and colors for our durable combs and cover plates, in combination with its reduced comb height (80% less than conventional ones), reduces stumbling risk especially for individuals with limited mobility, using carts or carrying luggage.

Additional customizable features

To create an even more unique ride experience, you can choose from additional features such as striking handrail colors and attractive traffic lighting placed in a column, the front skirt, decking or floor plate.

Slim skirt

iwalk’s inner and outer slim skirt design creates a spacious feeling and optimizes the space used.

Optimized glass-to-steel ratio

iwalk’s optimized glass-to-steel ratio creates a lighter appearance and increases recyclability.

Fastening elements

iwalk eliminates visible fastening elements, providing a streamlined look while reducing vandalism risk and caught objects.

Aesthetic skirt lighting

Located above the skirt band, LEDs in light-diffusing channels, the full range of RGB colors and different modes of operation create attractive effects throughout your installation.

Move Beyond

iwalk is the result of extensive research and substantial customer input. Its next-generation modular approach addresses the limitations of conventional technologies, opening up new possibilities and enabling easier handling throughout the product lifecycle.

modularity. flexibility. possibility.


Easy transportation

iwalk’s stackable modules reduce the space needed for transportation. Now even plane shipments are possible.


Easy handling

Its modules’ light weight and small size facilitate handling, eliminating the need for cranes – a forklift will do.


Easy installation

Last-minute installations or relocations are now possible. The modules can be transported by elevator while a smart connection system accelerates installation.

smart. shallow. guiding.

Cold rolled profile

Reduced truss height

iwalk’s cold rolled profile combines the truss and guiding system, saving space by significantly trimming the truss’s height.

Guiding truss

Reduced wear and tear

Combining the truss and guiding system also decreases wear and tear on parts while increasing iwalk’s maintainability and durability.

environment. maintenance. operation.

Pallet band

Chainless concept

Guiding rollers connect the pallets, eliminating the need for a chain and lubrication. Better for both the environment and maintenance.

Pallet drive

Safe and smooth ride

The pallets’ guiding rollers cleanly engage with driving roller wheels at the main shaft to deliver a safe, smooth and quiet ride.

Power transmission

No lubrication needed

iwalk’s advanced power transmission eliminates the need for lubrication thanks to the use of direct drive.

Energy efficiency class

Highest energy efficiency

Based on the ISO 25745-3 standard and depending on the configuration you choose, iwalk enables you to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency.

Enhanced passenger safety

As with any passenger mobility solution, proper handling and use are critical to ensuring a safe ride. We design our products with the user’s behaviour in mind to proactively prevent misuse. With over 50 safety features and options, iwalk is designed to keep passengers safe.

80% less comb height

Entering and leaving a moving walk has never been easier or safer. iwalk’s new comb segments are only 7 millimetres above the pallet band – that’s 80% less height than conventional moving walks. This minimizes the risk of stumbling.

12-mm-thick glass balustrade

iwalk’s 12-millimetres-thick glass balustrade provides the illusion of more space, enhancing your building design.

Extended handrail guidance

With an extended handrail at the entrance and exit, iwalk further enhances usability and safety, especially for the elderly and disabled.

Specification iwalk
Max length | Rise (metres) 100
Max capacity (people/hour) 7,300
Inclination (degrees) 0-6
Configuration Semi-pit | Pitless
Application Commercial | Traffic
Step chain roller Not applicable
Location handrail drive Truss
Handrail shape U-shape
Climate conditions Indoor | Outdoor
Nominal step width (millimetres) 1,100 | 1,400
Speed (metres/second) 0.5 | 0.65
Version of upper and lower part Not applicable
Balustrade Slim | Slim with decking
Aehstetic lights Balustrade | Skirt
Traffic lights Floor plate | Front skirt | Column
Safety lights Step gap
Drive unit Direct drive
Possible energy efficency class A+++

We reserve the right to make technical modifications to our products at any time and exclude all liability. Shown thresholds depend on configuration details and may vary in individual cases. Availability of options and features also depends on individual configurations. Illustrations aid the general understanding and may differ from the actual design.

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