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Enhance your elevator to create an innovative, comfortable, and easy travel experience for your tenants! We created a range of components you can add to your existing elevator or new installation to give your building the premium it deserves.

Create a unique and innovative experience

Enjoy an easy ride

Add value to your building

Add exciting and innovative features to make riding your elevators easier than ever before.

  • Carrying a package back home or your hands are full of groceries? No problem, our elevator will bring you where you want to go without you pressing any button!
  • You have a disability that makes it difficult for you to use conventional buttons? Our solutions will help you riding the elevator without help from someone else.

Every building is unique, so your elevator should be too!

  • Adapt your design to perfectly fit your building: display your logo, select colors that are in line with your interior design and customize the way the buttons look.
  • Adapt your elevator to new situations: When you need to close a floor or if you want to put your tenants in a Lunar new year mood, simply connect to your elevator to update the COP and the LIOP.
  • Keep your tenants up to date with the latest information: The screens in the lobby and the elevator can deliver the information when you need it, where all of your tenants will see it.

* Above Information Available for Customers of Chinese Market Only

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