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meta MODernize
Always up-to-date

  • Max height Max height 150m
  • Max speed Max speed 3m/s
  • Max load Max load 1,600kg
  • Machineroom Machineroom MR

Enhance your elevator’s performance

By replacing the key electrical and mechanical components, it increases your elevator’s operational efficiency and ride comfort.

Brings you more benifts

It empowers your elevator in terms of safety, performance, aesthetics, comfort and efficiency.

Smooth installation with TK Elevator service

Every aspect is designed to minimize disruption and deliver your project efficiently and on time.

meta MODernize, keeps your elevator always up-to date

meta MODernize, our partial modernization solutions target mid-rise buildings, rejuvenating existing elevators to make them as safe and reliable as new. Performance improvements and high efficiency components reduce energy costs and combine with system upgrades to increase operational efficiency and ride comfort. Your passengers will feel the difference the moment they step into the elevator.

Enhance your elevator’s performance

The meta MODernize package replaces the key electrical and mechanical components of your existing elevators, irrespective of any manufacturer. Brand new parts and systems comply with the latest codes and will bring your elevator right up-to-date.


An all-new electrical system significantly enhances performance, reliability and safety of the whole elevator. Installing a new controller and inverter improves levelling precision and improves speed and acceleration control, bringing the car to landings smoothly and accurately. The result is less waiting and improved floor-to-floor times, with better passenger comfort and higher operational efficiency.


With a strong focus on usability and overall ride comfort, our operating panels, controls and passenger information displays will make your elevator new again, ensuring users travel in comfort and style.

Traction machine

Replacing an older geared traction machine with a new gearless unit will reduce noise and vibration; and means your elevator can run smoothly and quietly long into the future. As there is no transmission mechanism there is no mechanical power loss, so energy consumption and operating costs are reduced.


As doors account for most elevator malfunctions, door system modernization can have immediate and dramatic results. Our modern drive technology guarantees permanent protection of the door mechanism and excellent running characteristics long into the future. While new doors mean a fresh new look, as well as improved safety, comfort and performance.

Brings you more benifts

Each meta MODernize package addresses core issues affecting mid-life elevators to ensure current safety code compliance and significantly improve elevator performance, reliability and efficiency.


Ensure your elevator system meets the latest safety code requirements.


Bring significant improvement in elevator performance, leveling precision and reliability.


Match your building’s style and extend your building’s vibe into the elevator.


Enhance usability, cabin atmosphere and overall ride comfort.


Energy efficient components improve operational efficiency and give rise to substantial savings.

Smooth installation with TK Elevator service

Every aspect of meta MODernize is designed to minimize disruption and deliver your project efficiently and on time. We ensure minimal impact on your building operations and daily life, reducing downtime and delivering the smoothest possible installation experience. thyssenkrupp’s German engineered components are designed to seamlessly interface with any manufacturer or model in the market.

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